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Ambacht in Beeld Festival
30 & 31 March 2024
Brussels - Tour & Taxis Gare Maritime

| Surface design: Repeating Patterns

Margot Billiet - Saturday 30 maart & Sunday 31 maart
1 hour
€ 15
Minimum age:
14 years
Saturday 30 maart
Sunday 31 maart

A textile designer, also called a ‘Surface Designer’, designs motifs and patterns that decorate all kinds of surfaces. Think of fabrics, wallpaper, ceramics, etc. These range from simple geometric motifs to complex winding branches between flower and leaf.

The trick is to make motifs flow seamlessly into each other so that they can repeat themselves in all directions ad infinitum. One such repetitive piece is called a ‘report’. A bit comparable to how bricks repeat themselves in a wall.

Sound complicated? Come discover it and try it for yourself! Using existing prints and practical examples, Margot explains what a report is and how to look for it. Did you catch it? Then you can cut out a motif yourself and paste it repeatedly on paper. If you want, you can draw and finish with marker. Afterwards you take the bundle of prints home with you along with your own design.


Margot Billiet has been active in the international world of textiles and decoration for 30 years. With Atelier Billiet she not only designs new drawings, but also specializes in reconstructions of historical or old motifs for custom-made wall coverings or textiles.


“As a classically trained textile designer, I learned the trade in the traditional way with pencil on tracing paper and finishing with brush and gouache. I specialize in drawing designs and motifs that can be seamlessly repeated in all directions and ad infinitum. I work both manually and with the computer, in all possible styles. The knowledge I have gained during my 30-year career as a ‘surface designer’ encouraged me to develop a more sustainable and thoughtful approach. Not an abundance of products, but small runs in high-quality materials. Making what is necessary. I recently started delving into something that has been an interest for years: historical reproduction techniques and reconstructions of patterns. I mainly focus on wallpaper and use a combination of digital printing and screen printing. I work to order for companies and private individuals.”


This workshop is made possible by Handmade in Brugge.








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