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Ambacht in Beeld Festival
30 & 31 March 2024
Brussels - Tour & Taxis Gare Maritime


The Craft in Focus Festival was established in 2013 and has grown into a major annual event that introduces a diverse audience to master craftspeople from all over the world. Unique about the festival is that the focus is not on selling products, but on exchanging knowledge and skills, through workshops and master classes.


Our mission is to draw attention to craftsmanship in a sustainable and inspiring way, to enable all kinds of encounters and cross-pollination, and to create appreciation for craftsmanship among many people of all ages.


The Craft in Focus Festival was founded by Wendy van Wilgenburg and is organized by the Ambacht in Beeld Foundation (Cultural ANBI).


The event in Brussels is organized in partnership with the Workshop Intangible Heritage in Flanders.


Workshop intangible heritage is the organization for intangible heritage in Flanders. We are committed to uncovering and strengthening the power of intangible heritage at the heart of a contemporary and diverse society. We are there for everyone who is involved in intangible heritage. And with everyone who supports it: in the heritage sector and far beyond, at home and abroad. As a UNESCO-accredited NGO, we want to help ensure the vibrant traditions and practices of tomorrow, with an approach full of collaboration, cross-pollination and with always up-to-date perspectives.


As the point of contact for intangible heritage in Flanders, we put intangible heritage as much as possible in the spotlight. Together with the Flemish government, we manage the website We provide Q&A’s, we organize (networking) events, we facilitate internships, we work on knowledge building and sharing, and much more.



Festival director Wendy van Wilgenburg: ‘With the festival I want to share the beauty and value of craftsmanship with the public. But the ambition is larger, with the event we contribute to safeguarding craft knowledge and promoting influx in vocational training. The festival also aims to create a more conscious view on the world, by focusing on products that are sustainably made and can be repaired. These objects have a story and are made with love and attention by artisan makers. All this is – especially now – of great value and we have been committed to this for years.’


‘The sector needs a platform that presents craft knowledge with its values and potential and shows that we urgently need this as a society. By highlighting craftsmanship in an interactive and educational way, we ensure appreciation and improve the image and visibility of craft masters. Moreover, we promote the preservation and passing on of crafts knowledge as intangible heritage.’