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Ambacht in Beeld Festival
30 & 31 March 2024
Brussels - Tour & Taxis Gare Maritime

| Sharpening the scythe

Kevin Lambeets - Saturday 30 maart & Sunday 31 maart
1,5 hours
€ 20
Minimum age:
16 years
Saturday 30 maart
Sunday 31 maart

Sharpening the scythe involves the cold extrusion (or forging) of the edge of the scythe blade. The high-quality carbon steel is deformed, stretched and mechanically hardened. The result is a razor-sharp scythe. This involves meticulous manual labor in which 1 to 1.5 mm of the edge is extended to a maximum width of 3 to 5 mm. The edge is often manually re-honed afterwards with canoe-shaped whetstones.


During the short workshop of one and a half hours you will delve into the maintenance of the edge of the scythe blade. You will use a hair spit and – hammer as well as hand-operated hair appliances. In addition, we also demonstrate damage repair and tell you more about the importance of mowing with a scythe today.


The following is covered:
* transforming a scythe blade from ‘blunt’ to razor sharp
* feeling the edge (shape, sharpness,…)
* listening to the steel
* accurate extrusion of steel
* (post)sharpening of the edge of the scythe blade
* rust as the enemy of the scythe and the reaper…
* hair hammer and hair spit + hair appliances
* we provide all materials + hand tools…


Passionate about all that lives and moved by traditional techniques, Kevin Lambeets started Zeis en Bijl in 2018. Based on his passion and extensive field experience, he sets out to inspire and motivate regarding the use of hand tools for landscape management and associated ecological themes. For example, in addition to mowing with the scythe and everything that comes with it (lawning, hair), Zeis en Bijl offers other traditional training courses, such as working with the axe including maintenance of forest tools, and Hedge Weaving. Kevin guarantees relaxation in his training and presents peace and rhythm. He calls working outside ‘the relaxing effort’. In his spare time you can find Kevin in his studio, behind fire and anvil. He is also involved in crafts within the independent gang of ‘Smeden met Vrienden’ and Centrum for Applied Arts Antwerp vzw, simply ‘Het Centrum’. Equality and solidarity are central values in his life.







Image: Sharpening of the scythe in Desselgem © David ‘Billy’ Herman













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