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Ambacht in Beeld Festival
30 & 31 March 2024
Brussels - Tour & Taxis Gare Maritime

| Book binding

Greet Lembregts, Dries Vera, Mariella Van Der Niepen - Sunday 31 maart
1,5 hours
€ 20
Minimum age:
16 years
Sunday 31 maart

Make a medieval long stitch binding.


Welcome to the wonderful world of book binding. In this workshop you will make a medieval long stitch binding. We start with a step-by-step demonstration. You then get to work, preparing the sections of the book, preparing the cover for sewing and finally sewing the book. The finished booklet is then ready to take home.


This workshop is made possible by CVO GENT.


Crafts contribute to the cultural identity and diversity of our society. They reflect the traditions, values and history of our community. That is why we at CVO GENT believe it is important to keep our cultural heritage alive and to pass it on to this and future generations.


We offer 6 crafts; Hand weaving, book binding, lace making, furniture upholstery, ornamental forging and sewing.

Immerse yourself and stimulate your senses throughout the entire process; prick up your ears as you rustle through your book, enjoy the smell of the paper, run your fingers over the cover, and feast your eyes on all that beauty.

During this course from CVO GENT you will learn everything about age-old, traditional and more contemporary bookbinding techniques, and it focuses on both general basic and refined finishing techniques. With all this acquired knowledge, you will be binding your own unique books in no time.


Greet, Mariella and Dries are the teachers in the professional training for manual bookbinding at CVO GENT.

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